POLL PADS: Mini-Review

Let’s do a quick review. Take a moment to think about these questions before you read the answer below.

  1. What time must you arrive? When can you leave? All election officers must arrive no later than 5:00 AM and stay until the Chief dismisses everyone.

  2. Is an expired driver’s license an acceptable ID for voting purposes? Yes! Remember, the law now allows a voter to use a driver’s license as their ID for voting, regardless of expiration date. If a voter did not have an acceptable ID, they also now have the option of completing an ID Confirmation Statement and voting normally.

  3. Which Poll Pad flag will you never use? You will never use the Provisional flag on the Poll Pads. Always send provisional voters to the Chief.

  4. What should you do if you’re not sure how to handle a non-routine voter or any other situation? If you’re not sure about anything on election day, just say one simple word: “CHIEF!” Again, Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs are trained to handle all non-routine situations.