DS200 SCANNER: Opening (Steps 9-10)

We’re almost done opening a DS200!

  • STEP 9: Verify that the “Public Count” at the top of the screen is zero. The Public Count indicates the number of votes cast in the current election on this machine - at the start of the day, it will always be zero! Also verify the “Protective Count” matches the number pre-printed in the green table on the Machine Certification Form. This number is like a car odometer - it tells you how many ballots have been cast in the lifetime of this machine, across all elections. If the number does not match, call the Chief.

  • STEP 10: At 6:00 AM on election day, press the green “Go to Voting Mode” button. The DS200 is now ready to accept ballots!

Be sure to return all materials to the Chief, including the signed tapes, the cut green zip-tie seal, the printed instructions, the Machine Certification Form, and the DS200 keys.