DS200 SCANNER: Closing (Steps 1-3)

Now let’s go through all the steps for CLOSING a DS200 scanner. The Chief, Assistant Chief, and many other officers will have experience doing this before. The Chief will provide election officers assigned to close the DS200 with printed instructions, the Machine Certification Form, the DS200 keys, a red zip-tie seal, and empty voted ballot boxes.

  • STEP 1: Always open the Auxiliary Compartment and look for any ballots, even if you don’t think it was used during the day. If there are any ballots inside, call the Chief, who will guide you through scanning them properly. Otherwise, re-lock it.

  • STEP 2: Look on the DS200 screen for the “Protected Count” and “Public Count” of ballots cast. Record these numbers in the red table on the Machine Certification Form. If your precinct received a second DS200 but did not use it, you would write “Not used” in this area on the Machine Certification Form.

  • STEP 3: There is a red barcoded sticker seal covering the printer access door on the DS200. Remove this sticker seal and place it on the Machine Certification Form.