BASIC INFORMATION:Polling Place Etiquette

As an election officer, it is vitally important to always be professional and polite in the polling place. Always ask before assisting a voter - sometimes, they may not want assistance. Be mindful of your communication at all times.

For the November 2020 General and Special Elections, you should also always exercise social distancing and keep 6-feet between yourself and all others in the voting room. You will also have face masks, face shields, gloves, sanitizer, and other materials as part of our Contingency Response Plan for COVID-19.

You should never tell a voter that they cannot vote - instead, direct them to the Chief or Assistant Chief, who can offer them a provisional ballot. Do not touch voters without their permission. Avoid all political topics, especially anything that may be on the ballot, whether or not voters are in the room.

Perception is everything, so always be aware of your words and actions. You are representing the county! If you have any questions or are unsure of what is acceptable or not, contact us before or on election day.