Important Note:

Voters will not be required to provide identification or identify themselves when they place a voted absentee ballot envelope in the Drop-Off Box.

Number of Ballot Envelopes that Voters Can Insert in the Drop-Off Box:

Voters are permitted to place more than one voted absentee ballot envelope in the Drop-Off Box.

Check the Drop-Off Box Several Times During the Day:

Two Officers, identified by our office before election day and designated as the Absentee Ballot Collectors in your precinct, will need to open the Drop-Off Box and determine if it is full several times during the Election Day. If the Drop-Off Box is full, they will remove and count the voted absentee ballot envelopes and seal them in a white box. They will then place seals on the white box with the name of the precinct, the date, and their signatures. They will also record the number of ballots contained in the white box.