EXPRESSVOTE: How to Use the ExpressVote

STEP 1 : Insert a blank ballot card into the ExpressVote. Align the corner-cut on the card with the corner-cut on the machine.

STEP 2 : Make selections. The voter selects a candidate or option for each contest. Press the “Next” button to go to the next contest. To enter a write-in candidate, press the “Write-In” button to reveal a keyboard. If you have visual limitations, you can press the “Contrast” button to change the screen to high-contrast black-and-white. Press the “Zoom” button to make the ballot appear larger on the screen. You can also display the ballot in different languages or use a physical keypad to make selections.

STEP 3 : Review selections. After you have made your selections, you can review them before printing your ballot card. You can make changes if needed.

STEP 4 : Print marked ballot. Press the “Print Card” button and your printed card will be returned to you.

STEP 5 : Scan ballot. Insert your marked ballot card in the DS200 scanner to have your ballot counted.