Voting Room Layout

This is a sample room layout to give you an idea of the flow inside a voting room.

  • In this room, the voter enters, asks any questions of the greeter (the officer by the entrance), and then proceeds to the check-in table with the Poll Pads.
  • If there are any issues checking in the voter, they would be directed to the Chief’s Table, where the Chief or Assistant Chief may help resolve the issue.
  • After the voter is checked in, they move to the Ballot Table where they will receive their ballot. Each ballot should be given to the voter in a privacy folder.
  • After receiving a ballot, the voter goes to the voting tables and sits in a vacant privacy booth to mark their ballot.
  • If the voter chooses to use the ExpressVote ballot marking device, an officer should guide them there. Note that the ExpressVote also has a privacy booth around it.
  • Lastly, the voter moves to the DS200, scans their ballot, and exits the room.

The voting room should be set up to have the voter move in a circular fashion, without crossing the paths of other voters, and with an election officer at each station to help guide them.

The absentee ballot drop box should be monitored by the greeter if placed outside the voting room entrance. Your Chief may decide that it is more practical to position the drop box inside the voting room of your precinct. In this case, another officer, such as one stationed at the check-in tables, should monitor the drop box.