Moved Voter Example 2

Let’s take a look at another example situation. What if a voter moved in May 2019 to another precinct in Fairfax County? For the purposes of this example, let’s assume they moved within the same congressional district.

  • First, we look for the row that matches the moving date. May 2019 is between November 7, 2018 and November 3, 2020, so we are looking in the middle row.
  • Next, we look for the column that matches how far the voter moved. In this case, they moved within Fairfax County and within the same congressional district, which is the second column.
  • Therefore, we can see that they can vote in their “old” precinct if otherwise eligible.

As you can see on the chart, if a voter has moved within Fairfax County, the date when they moved is very important. Whether or not they are permitted to vote routinely, you should offer them a Voter Registration application so they may update their registered address.