Provisional Steps

Let’s go over all the steps involved in processing a provisional voter.

  • First, give the provisional notice to the voter. The reason we do this first is so we don’t forget.
  • Next, have the voter complete the provisional envelope. Remember, you must also sign the envelope.
  • Next, add the voter to the Provisional Ballot Log.
  • Next, have the voter fill out a ballot while at the Chief’s Table. You should stay with them, while providing appropriate privacy, so they don’t accidentally walk over to the DS200 scanner and try to cast their ballot normally.
  • Once the voter has marked their ballot, seal it in the small green provisional envelope.
  • Finally, place the individual provisional ballot envelope in the large green #1A envelope. All provisional envelopes are returned here.

You’ll note that the ballot was the last thing you and the voter complete. By doing the other steps first, you’re making sure you don’t miss or forget anything.