Signature Reminder

A very important reminder about signatures:

  • Assign one officer to double-check that all forms and labels requiring signatures have been signed properly. There is a Signature Checklist in your Chiefs Notebook that you can use to make sure everything is signed properly before finishing on election day.
  • If any required documents are missing an officer’s signature, we will call that officer to come into the office within 2 days to sign them. It’s much better to make sure everything is signed on election day than to have to come to our office!
  • But, no matter what, do not have your officers pre-sign forms and labels during the day.

We really do not want you, or your officers, to have to come into our office after a day of hard work. Before leaving the polling place on election day, review the Signature Checklist in the Chiefs Notebook one last time to make sure everything is signed properly.

Be a hero, have zero missing signatures!