Check-In Flags

As we mentioned, when you select a voter to check in, you will be presented with three possible “flags”:

  • VOTER SIGNED OATH flag: This flag is used in two different situations.

    • If someone is an “Inactive voter,” send them to the Chief who may select this flag. Someone may become Inactive if they moved and did not update their voter registration. If they are permitted to vote normally, they must complete an Affirmation of Eligibility form.

    • If someone does not have an acceptable ID, send them to the Chief. If the voter chooses to complete an ID Confirmation Statement, this flag must be selected.

  • ASSISTANCE REQUIRED flag: If a voter requires assistance in marking their ballot, send them to the Chief. The voter and their assistant must complete a “Request for Assistance” form. The Chief may check in the voter themselves, or ask you to check them in and select this flag.
  • CURBSIDE flag: If the Chief asks you to check in a “curbside voter,” select this flag. A curbside voter is someone who is disabled or 65+ years of age and requests to stay in their car and vote outside the polls. They will call the Chief’s cell phone number and the Chief will send two officers to go outside and help them. (Do not question someone if they ask to vote curbside.)

You may notice there is no Provisional Voter flag. If someone is a Provisional voter, you NEVER check them in on the Poll Pad; instead, immediately refer them to the Chief.