There are a number of signs that must be posted inside and outside of the polling place. The Chief will have a guide that you can follow if you are assigned this task.

There is one sign that’s a bit tricky - that’s the Prohibited Area and Activities sign. It describes activities that are not permitted inside the polling place, but it must be posted in a place that is always visible from OUTSIDE the polling place. We suggest posting it on the door to the polling place. If the door is propped open, be sure the sign is clearly visible to the approaching voters.

Finally, if you’re the officer designated to post the outside signs, you may also be asked to mark the 40-foot Prohibited Area line outside the entrance to the polling place building. Don’t worry, the Chief will have a rope with measured increments and chalk to help you mark the 40-foot Prohibited Area properly. Be sure to mark the area early, before campaigners and bake sales get set up.