Additional Notes on Acceptable IDs

A few additional notes:

The name on someone’s ID does not have to exactly match how it appears on the electronic pollbook. For example, someone’s ID may say “Bill” but the pollbook says “William.” As long as you can reasonably confirm the person in front of you is the person in the pollbook, you may check them in.

If someone provides you a different form of ID, you may not ask for their driver’s license instead just because it’s easier to scan on the Poll Pads. This is against the law! If you notice a fellow officer doing this on election day, alert the Chief or our office.

Lastly, you may sometimes get voters who are 17 years old in a primary election. If they are registered and listed in the Poll Pad, they are permitted to vote! Any registered voter who will be 18 years old by the date of a general election may vote in its corresponding primary.