ID Review

Let’s do a quick review. Which of these IDs is acceptable? Which is not? Why? Take a moment to think about these questions before you read the answer below.

  • TOP LEFT: This is a work ID, but it does not have a photo. That means it is not acceptable.
  • TOP RIGHT : This is a Maryland driver’s license. This is an out-of-state license, which is not on the list of valid IDs. Therefore, it is not acceptable.
  • BOTTOM LEFT : This is a school ID from the University of North Florida. As this is a United States university and has a photo, it is acceptable.
  • BOTTOM RIGHT : This is a voter ID. You may see the 2014 date and think that automatically disqualifies it. However, remember the date that is listed is an issue date, not an expiration date. So this ID is acceptable for voting.