Required Signatures

When all work is complete (usually around 9:00 PM), the Chief will dismiss all election officers.

However, before you leave, make sure to confirm with your Chief that you have signed all required documents. If you do not sign a required document, you will have to come to the Office of Elections within 2 days to sign it.

These documents include:

  • OATH: You should have signed this at 5:00 AM before beginning your service for the day.
  • COMPENSATION SHEET: You typically sign this during opening procedures. Without this, we cannot pay you!
  • STATEMENT OF RESULTS - A: Remember, this is the unofficial record of votes in your precinct. Once it is filled out during closing procedures, all officers present at closing must sign at the bottom of the front page.
  • STATEMENT OF RESULTS - B: There are two copies of the SOR. Make sure to sign both!
  • YELLOW RETURN SHEET: The Chief will provide you with this document during closing procedures.
  • VOTED BALLOT BOXES: There is a secure yellow label that is placed on each box of voted ballots. All officers present at closing must sign each of these labels.

There may also be other documents you are asked to sign, especially if you help close the DS200s, but the above documents are the ones that ALL officers must sign before leaving the polling place.