What if Voter Requested Absentee Ballot?

What if a voter intended to vote by mail and requested a mailed ballot, but then comes to the polling place anyways?

First, let’s look at the steps if the voter comes to the polling place WITH their absentee ballot. Before proceeding, remind the voter they have the option of depositing a completed absentee ballot in the ballot drop box at the precinct. Otherwise, proceed with the following steps.

  • First, the voter should surrender their ballot to you. If it is still sealed in the envelope, ask them to open the envelope to verify the ballot is present. If the voter has made selections in any contests on the ballot, ask them if they want to fill in all bubbles for those contests, so no one knows who they intended to vote for.
  • Next, you must write “ absentee surrendered” across the face of the ballot. You will place this ballot in envelope #4 with spoiled and voided ballots.
  • Now you may check in the voter on the Poll Pad and allow them to vote a regular ballot.

Now let’s look at the steps if the voter comes to the polling place WITHOUT their absentee ballot.

  • This one is very straightforward: simply offer the voter a provisional ballot.
  • After election day, staff will verify that the voter did not already vote an absentee ballot in-person or by mail and provide the Electoral Board with that information.