What if Voter is Challenged?

It is rare, but you may have someone challenge a voter’s eligibility to vote.

  • Any registered voter (including an election officer) may challenge another voter. This may happen if they believe the voter is not who they say they are or they have reason to believe the voter does not live at their registered address.
  • In this case, we will use the Affirmation of Eligibility form. You may remember that this was the same form used for Inactive voters.
  • An election officer fills in the precinct and date.
  • The challenger completes and signs the front page of the form.
  • The voter completes and signs the back page of the form. Once they do so, they are permitted to vote a normal ballot. If they decline to sign the form, they may complete a provisional ballot or choose not to vote.

Again, this is a rare situation but if it happens, feel free to call the office for help.